GOP’s Englund raising money from PACs and corporate special interests instead of residents of the 45th LD With full fundraising numbers for the month of May reported to the Public Disclosure Commission this week, it’s now possible to make a clear comparison of the fundraising of the two main candidates in the critical 45th Legislative District special election being held this November.  Through the most recent C3 and C4 reports filed this week, Republican Jinyoung Englund has raised $127,050 from corporations, political action committees, and political parties or caucuses, and she has raised only $29,670 from individuals in the 45th LD cities of Duvall, Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish, and Woodinville – 4 times as much money raised from corporations and political organizations as from in-district individuals.  In comparison, Democrat Manka Dhingra has raised just $22,950 from corporations, PACs, and political organizations and $73,567 from individuals in the 45th LD cities – 3.2 times as much from in-district individuals as from corporations and political organizations.  While Jinyoung’s financial support comes overwhelmingly from the corporate and political interests, Manka’s comes from in-district individuals as opposed to corporations and political groups.  “It’s no surprise Jinyoung Englund is raising her money from corporate special interests and PACs instead of the residents of the 45th LD – she just moved into the district only a few weeks ago after being recruited to run by those same inside political players,” said Washington State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski. “Since she has hardly any support from or connection to the actual district, she’s having to rely on the Republican Party and some of the worst corporate special interests to boost her candidacy. They must appreciate her GOP party line positions on issue after issue – in favor of Trump, against the Affordable Care Act, denying the reality and importance of climate change, and more.” “Unlike carpetbagger Jinyoung Englund, Manka Dhingra has an incredible base of support within the 45th LD. Manka has served that community for years as a leader in education and public safety. That’s why Manka’s the better candidate for this seat and that’s why she’s going to win in November.”