Washington Democrats Challenging Far-Right Republicans in Every Race & Every Place

As Washington GOP Popularity Craters, Democrats Field Candidate in Every LD


SEATTLE — With voters’ choices for the state legislature now finalized, one thing is clear: Washington Democrats are poised to not only defend our historic majorities in both chambers in Olympia, but grow those majorities even further this November. The extreme anti-science positions on the pandemic response from GOP incumbents across the state create opportunities for Democrats to win in districts that haven’t been competitive in years, as health care workers, first responders, and community leaders stepped up to provide their neighbors with considerate, compassionate representation.

By contrast, the GOP is putting forward candidates for office and incumbents wildly out of step with the vast majority of Washingtonians, as poll, after poll, after poll, after poll, after poll shows the public believes strong public health countermeasures are necessary to contain the coronavirus pandemic before we can safely and fully reopen our economy. Meanwhile, as the Trump administration attempts to cover up for their failure to provide necessary materials for Washington to scale up our testing capacity by questioning coronavirus death statistics, the WA GOP remains silent on Trump’s chaotic mismanagement of the crisis.

Since 2016, we’ve seen a historic surge in commitment to public service across our state and I couldn’t be more proud of the candidates we have running in every legislative district,” said Tina Podlodowski, Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party. “This fall, voters will have a chance to do more than reject the failed leadership of Donald Trump, they’ll have the opportunity to elect a new generation of community leaders who they can trust to steer our state through the public health and economic crisis we’re facing.”