GOP Nominates Dangerous, Irresponsible Loren Culp As Gubernatorial Candidate

Anti-Mask, Pro-Trump Nominee Is Unprepared to Lead


SEATTLE — Washington state Republicans have nominated an irresponsible, reckless candidate for governor. Pro-Trump to his core, Police Chief Loren Culp represents the most extreme right-wing of the Republican party. 

PRO-TRUMP: Despite the President’s disastrous leadership and 25% approval rating in Washington, Culp has repeatedly and unabashedly pledged his support to Trump.  

DANGEROUS AND IRRESPONSIBLE ON PUBLIC HEALTH: Culp has insulted essential workers on the frontlines, saying about mask orders, “I will not comply. You can take your masks and do you-know-what with it. Worse, his reckless anti-vaccine politics further endanger Washingtonians. 

LAW AND ORDER — BUT FOR WHOM?: Culp came to prominence defying a voter-approved initiative around common-sense gun safety reform. He’s spent his campaign flouting public safety measures during the pandemic with right-wing militia members and an alleged domestic terrorist

Amid the calls for justice and reform in the wake of the murder of George Floyd by the hands of police, Culp opposes any reforms to police use of force and told the Seattle Times that race had nothing to do with Floyd’s murder, “Just because Mr. Floyd was black and the officer was white does not mean it was a racist thing.” 

And most alarming, Culp is accused in a lawsuit of “mismanaging a child sexual-abuse investigation.” The victim alleges Culp intimidated and failed to protect her. By Culp’s own admission, he accused the victim of “made up” allegations. In addition to dismissing the victim’s allegations, Mr. Culp further defended his actions and the abuser, saying of the man who eventually pled guilty to abusing a 12-year old, “Not everyone who takes a plea deal is actually guilty.” Culp did not notify state welfare agencies of the abuse allegations, as required by law. 

OUT FOR HIMSELF: Culp has been found to be using his campaign to enhance his book sales for personal benefit. 

“Just like his professed role model Donald Trump, Loren Culp says he is for law and order but openly flouts the law and undermines public health orders,” said Tina Podlodowski, Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party. “Washington doesn’t need this Trump clone and his divisiveness, we need a governor who can unite our state behind the same innovative spirit Washington has always espoused. Jay Inslee, not Loren Culp, is that proven, thoughtful leader.”