Rejection of Trumpism Spurs Huge Primary Turnout

WA GOP Headed into General Election Weighed Down by Least Popular President in a Century


SEATTLE — Are you better off than you were four months ago? That’s the question millions of Washingtonians answered by casting their ballots overwhelmingly for Democrats who have taken a science-based approach to protecting Washingtonians from the pandemic while Trump and his lackeys in the WA GOP prolong the pandemic by refusing to support working families and spreading misinformation.

Governor Inslee, whose strong and steady leadership has been a national model for containing the virus with limited help from the Trump administration, leads his top 3 challengers by 260,604 votes. Meanwhile, the “clown race” of the GOP gubernatorial primary remains too close to call, showing a fractured Republican party that cannot coalesce around any of the Trumpian science-deniers vying to lead their ticket in the general election.

Further down the ballot, statewide GOP incumbents are suffering for their refusal to condemn this lawless president’s constant lies and refusal to lead on the pandemic. Challengers Gael Tarleton and Mike Pellicciotti are within striking distance of the Secretary of State’s office and Treasurer’s seat respectively, supported by thousands of volunteers working with the Washington Democrats to get out the vote.

Washingtonians are fired up to do more than vote to ensure November’s general election brings an end to both Trump’s administration and his extremist ideology that’s been adopted by down-ballot Republicans in our state: by the end of our Virtual GOTV Tour, volunteers with the Washington Democrats’ Coordinated Campaign had made more than 800,000 calls and sent more than 100,000 texts to get out the vote.

“In every race and in every place, Washingtonians are turning out in droves to send a clear message to the GOP: stick with the president whose failed leadership is prolonging the pandemic and we’ll send you packing,” said Tina Podlodowski, Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party. “No amount of conspiracy theorizing or fearmongering from Trump or the WA GOP can overcome the very real consequences of Trump’s failure to contain the pandemic that every American is living through every single day.”