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    Hillary Clinton’s in

    Today, Hillary Clinton announced that she's running for President. Hillary Clinton is one of the first major candidates to announce, and more are expected. We’re committed to electing a candidate who is dedicated to lifting middle-class Americans up instead of giving handouts to special interests and the wealthiest few.

    Message from Rick Steves: What I’ve learned

    Travel can be one of the most powerful political acts there is. Travel has the power to open new perspectives and teach us to celebrate diversity. It shows us that we, as Americans, truly are haves in a have-not world. There’s so much prosperity in America. The problem is that too many working families aren’t getting a fair share of the wealth we are creating as a nation. The

    Draft 2016 Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Plan

    This draft of the Washington State Democrats' 2016 Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Plan was approved by the Washington State Democratic Central Committee Rules and Affirmative Action Committees at meetings held on March 14th. Once this plan is finalized, it will determine how Washington State's votes for the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee are allocated and will

    Racism in Olympia

    There’s no place for racism in this day and age — especially not in our State Capitol. Yet on Februrary 26th, at a meeting of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, State Senator Jim Honeyford of Sunnyside said: “The poor are more likely to commit crimes, and colored most likely to be poor.” Later he doubled down on his offensive language, clarifying “that’s not just the negro.”

    The Republican agenda

    If Republicans in Olympia got their way, this is what our state would look like: The wildly popular universal background checks on all gun sales you voted for last November would be repealed. (SB 5615, HB 1245, HB 1886) If your unborn baby had a birth defect, your doctor wouldn’t have to tell you. If you’re a woman, you would lose the right to make some of your own health

    Republican Top 5 “Deflated” ideas

    Almost a month of has passed of the 2015 legislative session, and Republicans are once again showing that their ideas are not in tune with the priorities of Washington residents. In honor of Super Bowl XLIX and the Seahawks’ opponents' “Deflategate” scandal, we would like to call a penalty on these Top 5 “Deflated” ideas from the Republicans in Olympia.

    It’s time to act on climate change

    Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our lifetime. Climate change doesn’t only impact the future of our state. It’s a threat to our state right now. We’ve seen increasing asthma rates, rising acidity in our waters, more and more wildfires… all related to carbon pollution. Our children have a right to a healthy Washington and a secure future. We have a moral

    This crosses party lines

    There are some things that we can all agree on... and I’m not just talking about the Seahawks. We can all agree that if you work hard, you should be able to put food on the table, support your family, and make ends meet. The cost of living is rising, and for too many it's harder and harder to keep up. That’s why we need to raise the minimum wage.

    Senate Republicans: Siding with the wealthy

    Thanks to State Senate Republicans, the score is Wealthy Washington 1, Working Washington 0. On Day One of the legislative session, State Senate Republicans changed the rules to make it easier to raise taxes on the middle class than on the very, very wealthy.
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