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    Register today for the August 5th Primary

    Today, July 7th, is the deadline to register to vote and update your voting information for the August 5th Primary Election! The Primary Election is an important milestone in the election year, even if there is not a competitive Primary Election race in your area. It plays a big role in building momentum for a campaign — That's why it's critical that you participate in the

    Endorse Judy Arbogast for State Senate

    Winning back the State Senate majority is one of the topic priorities of the Washington State Democrats this fall. That's why we're sending out a series of emails featuring our targeted races for State Senate. On July 3rd, Chair Jaxon Ravens sent out this email asking people to support Judy Arbogast for State Senate: Dear Friend, Last fall, Jan Angel won a State Senate seat in

    WA Democrats speak out about the Hobby Lobby ruling

    The Supreme Court's ruling in the Hobby Lobby case is a step backward for our country. It means that a boss's religious beliefs are more important than a woman's own beliefs and decisions on medical matters that should be private and between her and her doctor. Washington's Democrats didn't hesitate to respond. Senator Patty Murray

    2014 State Convention: Inspiring weekend in Spokane

    Last weekend, the Spokane River wasn't the only thing roaring in Spokane. On June 20th and June 21st, Democrats from every corner of the state gathered at the Red Lion at the Park, on the banks of the Spokane River, for the 2014 Washington State Democrats State Convention.

    Endorse Rich Cowan for State Senate

    We're in Spokane for our State Convention. Chair Jaxon Ravens got the chance to meet 6th District State Senate candidate Rich Cowan and sent out the following email asking Democrats to support Rich for State Senate. ------ Dear friend, Want to know how extreme the Republicans are in our State Senate? Here are some "ideas" coming from Michael Baumgartner, State Senator from the

    We’re in Spokane

    We're in Spokane for the 2014 State Convention! We're excited to meet Democrats from around the state and hear about what's going on in their communities. Activities kick off tomorrow with trainings at 10:00 am. Caucus meetings and the Chairs meeting are later that afternoon, and the night caps off with the Gala Banquet with Governor Ed Rendell, Welcome Reception, and

    Welcome to our new site

    Welcome to the new wa-democrats.org! You will find many of the features of the old wa-democrats.org, but with a cleaner, more visual design. We hope that the new design will make finding content on wa-democrats.org an easier, more engaging experience. What will you find here? Who we are, what we believe in, who we support, how to get involved in your neighborhood, and ways to

    Gov. Ed Rendell to keynote Gala Banquet

    Governor Ed Rendell will keynote our State Convention Gala Banquet on Friday, June 20th, in Spokane. Govenor Rendell was Governor of Pennsylvania from 2003 to 2011 and Mayor of Philadelphia from 1992 to 2000. Learn more about our State Convention and Gala Banquet, including how to purchase tickets. Read below for his official bio:

    Endorse Tami Green for State Senate

    On June 6th, Chair Jaxon Ravens sent the following email to our list, asking them to support Tami Green for State Senate. To learn more about Tami or contribute to her campaign, go to http://www.tamigreen.com/ ----- Dear Friend, There’s a lot to be excited about this year – We have a great opportunity to unseat one of the most conservative voices in the State Senate.
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